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Grants-in-Aid Program for 2005

Submission deadline -- JANUARY 31, 2005

The American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation announces its Grants-in-Aid Program for 2005. Last year, $130,200 was awarded to 75 of the 280 applicants. The Program includes special grants named in recognition of the following individuals and institutions that have made substantial contributions to the Foundation, petroleum and energy-mineral sciences, teaching, or research:


Gustavus E. Archie Memorial Grants (2) (Restriction - petrophysics and development geology)
Gustavus E. Archie Memorial International Grants (2) (Restriction -study of petrophysics and development geology by students outside North America)
Gordon I. Atwater Memorial Grant
Marilyn Atwater Memorial Grant
Richard W. Beardsley Named Grant (Restriction - Geological studies that have application to petroleum geology in the Eastern Section AAPG region)
Donald R. Boyd Memorial Grant (Restriction - for study at universities located within geographic boundaries of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Sciences)
Garth W. Caylor Memorial Grant
Classen Family Named Grant
Kenneth H. Crandall Memorial Grants (2)
Fred A. Dix Named Grant
Energy Minerals Named Grant (Restriction - research in geology related to the occurrence and production of earth materials, except conventional oil and gas, capable of being used in energy production, and including remote sensing)
Norman H. Foster Memorial Grant
Harold J. Funkhouser Memorial Grant
Jean G. Funkhouser Memorial Grant
Peter W. Gester Memorial Grant
Robert K. Goldhammer Memorial Grant (Restriction - study of carbonates)
Merrill W. Haas Memorial Grant
Michel T. Halbouty Named Grants (2) (Restriction - students at Texas A&M University)
William Dow Hamm Memorial Grant (Restriction - student at University of Texas, Austin)
Bernold M. “Bruno” Hanson Memorial Environmental Grant (Restriction - study of specific environmental issues related to exploration and production of petroleum and energy minerals, or application of technologies developed/ employed in petroleum or energy minerals industries to environmental problems)
Richard C. Hasson Memorial Grant (Restriction - student studying in the U.S.)
Thomas A. Hendricks Memorial Grant (Restriction - study of the Ouachitas, the Arkoma Basin and/or the Marathon/Solitario areas, or for study involving petrography or petrology)
James E. Hooks Memorial Grant (Restriction- student at Florida State University or Texas A & M University)
The Institut Français du Pétrole Named Grant
John E. Kilkenny Memorial Grant (Restriction - geologic study of Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon or Washington, by student at a university in that area, i.e., Pacific Section AAPG)
Frank E. Kottlowski Memorial Grant
R. E. McAdams Memorial Grants (2)
Duncan A. McNaughton Memorial Grant
Arthur A. Meyerhoff Memorial Grants (2) (Restriction - geological studies applicable to regional or global tectonics)
James W. Milliken Memorial Grant (Restriction - students at Texas A&M University)
Hugh D. Miser Memorial Grant (Restriction - study of geology of Arkansas and/or Oklahoma)
Raymond C. Moore Memorial Grant (Restriction - paleontology)
Nancy Setzer Murray Memorial Grant (Restriction - significant involvement with stratigraphy)
Paul Danheim Nelson Grant (Preference given to: study of impact geology; geology of environment; resource development, management and conservation, including hydrocarbons; or geology of landscapes & formation [buried streams & valleys]; or linear pattern geology)
Donald A. O'Nesky Named Grant
R. Dana Russell Memorial Grant (Restriction - sedimentary petrology/ petrography or oceanography)
SEAPEX Named Grant (Restriction - student whose nationality is from Southeast Asia: Bangladesh, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Papua New Guinea or Timor)
Frederick A. Sutton Memorial Grant
Suzanne Takken Memorial Grant
John Teagle Memorial Grant
J. Elmer Thomas Past-Presidents Grant
Horst & Jessie von Bandat Memorial Grant
Alexander & Geraldine Wanek Named Grant
L. Austin Weeks Grant
Marta S. Weeks Grant
Weimer Family Grant (Restriction-student at the University of Wyoming)
Sherman A. Wengerd Memorial Grant
W. David Wiman Memorial Grant
Raymond D. Woods Memorial Grant

The purpose of the Program is to foster research in the geosciences by providing support to graduate students in the earth sciences whose research has application to the search for and development of petroleum and energy-minerals resources, and to related environmental geology issues.

Eligibility and Grant Size Award recipients must be enrolled in a Masters or Ph.D program or their equivalent. Fourth year degrees or B.S. with honors are not eligible for grants. Monetary awards up to a maximum amount of $2,000.

Use of Grants Grants are to be applied to expenses directly related to the student’s thesis work, such as summer field work, laboratory analyses, etc. Funds are not to be used to purchase capital equipment, attend conferences, or to pay salaries, tuition, or room and board during the school year. Funds must be spent within 18 months of receipt of the award. The educational institution attended by the applicant must not require or allow a grant to be turned over to the institution or decrease any funding or other benefit received by the applicant if a grant is awarded.

Basis for Awarding Grants Grants will be based on merit and, in part, on the financial needs of the applicant. Factors weighed in selection of successful applicants include: qualifications of the applicant as indicated by past academic performance, originality and imagination of the proposed project, support by the department in which the work is being done, and perceived significance of the project to petroleum, energy-minerals, and related environmental geology. The program focuses on support of qualified candidates for masters or equivalent degrees. Qualified doctoral candidates with expenses beyond the usual scope of funding by other agencies are also encouraged to apply.
Candidates for Master's or equivalent degrees may receive a maximum of one grant, and Ph.D. candidates may receive a maximum of two grants. No more than two grants will be awarded to any one applicant during their graduate education. [- use Confex::App -]

Applications MUST be completed online by JANUARY 31, 2005. Applications completed after that date will not be considered.

Award Notification:
Awards will be announced in May, 2005. Check the AAPG Web site for the announcement of 2004 recipients at

International Applicants:
Grants to successful applicants are made in U.S. dollars, usually by a check drawn on a U.S. bank. However, in some countries delivery of grants can only be assured by bank wire transfer. Students from those areas who are selected to receive grants will be contacted by the AAPG Foundation, and will be required to provide the name and address of a bank which can accept wire transfers, and the appropriate bank account number so that a bank wire transfer can be arranged. We cannot wire transfer to a third party. The bank account must be in the name of the student recipient. Students who are unable to accept funds by one of these methods will be ineligible.

Resume or Retrieve a Submission
If you have already submitted a grant and you wish to view, resume, or withdraw that submission, Click Here then log in using the ID# and Password# already provided to you. However, please note, you WILL NOT be able to edit your application after you "Conclude the submission".

Required Information
Before beginning your submission we recommend that you review the lists of required information. (Click on each hyperlink below to see more detail.)

  1. Applicant name and contact information
  2. Academic and employment history
  3. Project summary
  4. Description of research project
  5. Project budget and funding request
  6. Previous AAPG Foundation grant (if any).
  7. The name and email address for each of two references qualified to endorse you and your project.
    (Preferably your thesis/project supervisor and the Department Chairman or Director)
  8. Official college academic transcripts from the last two years (or equivalent). This transcript must be mailed to AAPG Foundation, c/o GIA Coordinator, P.O. Box 979, Tulsa, OK 74101-0979 and cannot be submitted online. Xerox copies of transcripts are unacceptable.

    Once this information is submitted
    your two references will receive an email message.
    They MUST respond to that message by submitting their endorsements online..

You may assemble elements 1 through 7 online, resuming or revising your submission at any point between now and the submission deadline. Once you begin a submission, please note your ID# and password in the top left frame. You will need to utilize this information to login to your submission. - See "Resume or Retrieve a Submission" section above to login. However, please note, you WILL NOT be able to edit your application after you "Conclude the submission".
If you are ready to begin a new submission, click the button below.

If you run into any problems with the online submission process, please email your questions or comments using the hyperlink to "Report a Technical Problem" which also appears in the Application Control Panel. Technical support may also be obtained by calling (401) 334-0220 between 8:30 a.m and 6:00 p.m. ET, Monday-Friday.